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Unilevel Plan Demo

Member Area

Username: james
Password: james

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Admin Area

Admin URL:
Username: admin
Password: admin

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* Demo server db is reset every 4 hours
* All user password is same as their username
* Our software supports all 3 plan types (Unilevel, Forced Matrix, Binary). Separate plan demo is for illustration purpose only.
* Following restrictions are applicable in the demo:

-Site cannot be put to offline
-Admin email & password cannot be changed
-Demo users in the system cannot be deleted
-Following operation on demo user ‘james’ cannot be done: suspend, disapprove, unqualify, password change, transaction password change, plan change
-Demo products cannot be deleted
-Demo products price cannot be changed
-File uploads restricted in free download manager
-Downloadable products File uploads are restricted
-Demo content pages, news cannot be deleted
-Banner images cannot be deleted
-Cron jobs are not setup (broadcast emails, invites will not be sent)
-Cannot download db backups
-Cannot create more than 10 ePIN at a time