Grouped Plan Commission Calculation

To calculate level commission for grouped plans: Level Commission percent and fee amount is taken from the lowest of the 2 plans, i.e Paying member plan OR Commission receiving sponsor Plan. Here is an example:

Plan1 (P1) :
Plan Fee : $50
Commissions : L1= 5%, L2= 4%, L3= 3%, L4= 2%, L5= 1%
Users under this plan : B,D

Plan2 (P2) :
Plan Fee : $100
Commissions : L1= 10%, L2= 9%, L3= 8%, L4= 7%, L5= 6%
Users under this plan : A,C,E

If D pays his membership fees
Will consider D’s Plan (P1) fee and consider the percentage configured for P1 in each level.
Here D’s plan is lower plan(P1)
B will get level-1 commission 5% (from P1) of $50 (from P1 Plan Fee) = 0.05 x $50 = $2.5
A will get level-2 commission 4% (from P1) of $50 (from P1 Plan Fee) = 0.04 x $50 = $2.0
B’cos paying members plan is P1


If E pays his membership fees
Here E’s plan is higher plan (P2)
B will get level-1 commission 5% (from P1) of $50 (from P1 Plan Fee) = 0.05 x $50 = $2.5
B’cos ‘B’ is at lower plan, commission calculation uses lower plan only
A will get level-2 commission 9% (from P2) of $100 (from P2 Plan Fee) = 0.09 x $100 = $9.0

Paying Member Level 1 Commission Level 2 Commission
B ($50) 0.05*$50=$2.5 (for A) NA
C ($100) 0.10*$100=$10 (for A) NA
D ($50) 0.05*$50=$2.5 (for B) 0.04 x $50 = $2.0 (for A)
E ($100) 0.05 x $50 = $2.5 (for B) 0.09 x $100 = $9.0 (for A)
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