Referral Commission


Referral Commission is also called as level commission.


For Unilevel & Forced Matrix plans, In ‘Distributor Plan Configuration’ enter the commissions that will be paid for each level till ‘Depth’ level. Rest of the inputs can be left blank. The value entered must be percent value of the joining/recurring fees OR fixed amount.


How commission is calculated?

For example, in the above illustration, let us assume:

Joining fees=$100

Referral Commission (% of Joining/Recurring Fee):

Level 1=20

Level 2=5

Level 3=4

When ‘B’ joins -> A gets 20% of $100 = $20

When ‘C’ joins -> A gets $20

When ‘D’ joins -> A gets $20

When ‘E’ joins:

‘B’ gets $20

‘A’ gets Level 2 commission. i.e 5% of $100 = $5

When ‘F’ joins:

‘B’ gets $20

‘A’ gets $5

so on…..

When ‘K’ joins: ‘E’ gets $20, ‘B’ gets $5, ‘A’ gets $4.


Binary Pair Commission

This commission is applicable to binary distributor plan only. This commission is paid on the no. of pairs that you have achieved in your downline network.

Product Sales Commission


When distributors purchase products from the web ‘Store’ for their own use or for selling, commission on that order total can be paid to upline distributors.

In the previous illustration graph, let us assume:

Product Purchase Commission (% of Order Total)

Level 1=10

Level 2=8

Level 3=6


Product name=P1

Wholesale price=$80

Retail price=$100

When ‘B’ purchases product ‘P1’ by paying $80:

‘B’ saved $20 as the retail price was $100

‘A’ gets a product purchase commission of 10% of $80 = $8

When ‘E’ purchases product ‘P1’:

‘B’ gets commission of $8

‘A’ gets commission of $6.40


Self product purchase commission is given to the member who does the purchase. If you configure self purchase commission, it is recommended to enable ‘Use Single product pricing’ under Admin > Configs > General > Store. Otherwise distributors will get products at wholesale price as well as self purchase commission.


Binary Product Sales Commission


For binary plans you must configure the ‘Product Bonus Value (BV)’ value for each product (Admin > Configs > Store > Products > Add). BV value is used to calculate the commission amount. Weak leg BV payout is done. Binary product sales commission is to be processed by admin from Admin > Commission > Calculate Commission > Binary Product Commission.


Guest Product Purchase Commission


Visitors of the website can purchase products from the web ‘Store’ without becoming a member/distributor of the website. This is called guest purchase. All distributors have a referral url which they can promote. When visitors access the website through any of the distributor’s link, it is tracked by the software. So when a guest makes a product purchase, we track through which distributor’s link the guest came. The guest purchase commission goes to that distributor and his upline. If no distributor is found for a guest purchase, commissions are not paid to anyone.

Guest purchase commission is supported upto a maximum of 5 levels.


Direct Referral Commission



This commission is also called as personal referral commission. This commission is paid in addition to the level based referral commission. This commission can be configured in a forced matrix plan to give benefit to the distributors who make more referrals. In the Forced Matrix example above, we see ‘K’ is a spillover of ‘A’ and is placed at 2nd level from ‘A’ and placed under ‘D’. In this case ‘D’ received level 1 commission & ‘A’ received level 2 commission. Even though ‘A’ has put effort in recruiting ‘K’, ‘A’ got lesser commission than ‘D’. If you configured direct referral commission, it would have been paid to ‘A’, because ‘K’ is the personal referral of ‘A’. ‘D’ still gets level 1 commission. If you do not want to pay any commission to ‘D’, you can configure level1 commission=0.

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