Binary Plan

In Binary Plan a distributor has to recruit 2 distributors. In Binary plan width is equal to 2. Although Binary plan is like forced matrix plan with width=2, commission payout structure is different in binary. In binary, commissions are paid based on no. of pairs, not based on levels. The 2 direct referrals (downline) of a distributor are called left leg and right leg.

When ‘A’ refers ‘B’ and ‘C’, it is called 1 pair. In binary plan type, commissions are defined on the per pair basis. In the above figure, A has 3 nodes on left & 3 nodes on right, so ‘A’ has 3 pairs under him. ‘A’ is eligible for 3 pair commission. In binary there is no limit on the number of commission levels. Commissions are paid up to infinite depth, but normally weekly/monthly capping is placed.


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