Forced Matrix Plan

In Forced matrix plan type, a distributor can have a fixed number of distributors under him. This is the width of the plan. For example if the width is 3, a distributor can recruit maximum 3 distributors under him. If he/she recruits more than 3 members, it is called spillover. The spillover members are positioned under his downline. It is filled from top to bottom, left to right.

In Fig-1 below, A has 3 referrals: B, C, D.
B has E, F, G.
C has H, I, J.

Now, if A refers a new member ‘K’, K is a spillover as the 3 slots under ‘A’ are already filled. Also 3

positions under B & C are also filled. Positions under D are available. So, new member ‘K’ is positioned under D. ‘K’ becomes direct referral of D. ‘K’ is tracked as one of the personal referral of ‘A’.

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