Distributor Plan

Distributor plan is also called as Compensation Plan. A distributor plan defines the commission amount, qualification rules and organization structure.

There are 3 popular network marketing plans based on organization structure. They are: Unilevel, Matrix, Binary Plan. We support all three plans. Normally a business uses one of the 3 plans. In our software, it is possible to configure multiple plans of different plan type too. But referrals across plans is not possible. i.e A unilevel plan distributor cannot refer matrix plan member.

Grouped Plans

In Plans page (Configs->Distributor Plans) an option “Group all plans and allow plan upgrades” is provided to group distributor plans. A plan ‘group’ of single plan type can be credited. For forced matrix plans, all plans must have same width. With grouped plans you can create plans like ‘Sliver’, ‘Gold’, ‘Diamond’ etc with different fees and commissions. Members will be able to choose the plan to which they want to join. They can upgrade the plan at any time. Full fee of the new plan must be paid for upgrade. No commissions are paid to upline for upgrades. The commissions are calculated based on both sponsors level commission percentage and new joiner’s fees.

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