Referral Meaning: A person recruits another, or a company recruits a person but they are not hired as employees. They are paid a commission for products sold.

A distributor can refer another distributor. In the distributor signup page, ‘Invited By’ field indicates the distributor (sponsor) who is referring a new distributor. ‘Website name’ of the sponsor must be entered in this field.

Each distributor is provided with a Referral link. It is also called as Personalized website or Replicated website. When a user visits the website using referral link, ‘Invited By’ is auto filled with the sponsor website name.

‘Website name’ is a unique name which a distributor can choose during signup. A referral link is normally of this format: http://<Website_Domain_Name>/<Distributor_Website_Name>/

Referrals are tracked using cookies. They remain in the user browser for 30 days. i.e If a visitor clicks on ‘John’ referral link today and signup after one week (from same browser), he is tracked as a referral of John.

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