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WTK Network v1.6.3 Changelog





* -> Security Fix

# -> Bug Fix

$ -> Language fix or change

+ -> Addition

^ -> Change

- -> Removed

! -> Note


-------------------- 1.6.3 Enhancement Release [12-March-2013] ---------------------

+ Distributor Plan grouping and plan upgrade support

+ Level Compression support for referral commission & product sales commission

+ Self purchase commission support

+ Commission can be configured as either percentage values or amount values

+ Distirbutor login using email and member no. support

+ Recurring payment support (paypal, payza)

+ Liberty Reserve payment gateway support

+ Personal referrals page for distributors

+ BV based product commission support for binary plan 

+ Recurring fees support in binary plan

+ Reset distributor password feature

+ Recurring fee commission configuration

+ Seperate logo image for emails

+ Auto withdrawal requests feature

+ Database backup feature

+ Inventory expenses tracking

+ Submenu support for site main menu

^ Enhanced reports

^ Admin dashboard page and menu reorganization

^ Distributor profile view modification

^ Dual/Single product pricing

^ Improved genealogy explorer

^ Modular payment gateways, test mode support

# Send Newsletter fix

# Featured products fix

$ Missing localization strings added